The Darkness Between book cover The Darkness Between (Short)
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After his infidelity is exposed, Dale leaves home in the hours before dawn to go fishing alone. 

With no Moon or stars to light the way, he is quickly consumed by the darkness of an empty highway, and the haunting echoes of his own heart. Confronted by his own demons, he soon faces one that isn't his...   Detail

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Big John Irons book cover Big John Irons Volume 1: No Heroes (Series)

When two gang members are brutally murdered, their youngest is sent on a fool’s errand to find the one responsible. But what Jack finds in the deepest depths of Chicago is a world few will ever see, and fewer survive. This is the world of John Irons. Detail

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Everything Gets Out Eventually cover Everything Gets Out Eventually

A man recounts his life safeguarding a box that supposedly contains a demon. Detail

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